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Friday, December 17, 2004

#1 PayPal

In order to submit a payment to me via Pay Pal, the sender has a fee deducted from his payment. This occurs because my account can receive credit card payments. This year the fees were taken out of the pot, as no one knew. If we decide to continue to use Pay pal as a form of payment for leagues fees, should we:

A) Continue to take the fees out of the pot

B) Charge the team who pays via this service the finance charge (add it in…it is currently 2.9% + $0.30)

C) Abolish the use of Pay Pal

In addition, I would like to propose a penalty for late payment. Currently, we have 30 days after the end of the World Series to get our money in. The sheet showing what you owe comes out the first week of the playoffs, giving teams 45-60 days to get their money in. What about:

A) No penalty whatsoever

b) Some dollar amount per week late. I would suggest $20 a week, thrown into the draft party fund.

This really is a non issue if you pay on time. It isn’t my job to baby-sit everyone…

Please give constructive dialogue

Commissioner Bob

Update 1/5/2005

The league has spoken, and here is what was decided. We will continue to use Paypal as a means to pay your fees. If you choose to use it, you must add 2.9% +.30 to your fees. Therefore, if you are going to use Paypal, let me know and I will give you your adjusted amount.

On the subject of penalties for late payment, we WILL impose one. You have until 30 days after the completion of the World Series to get your money in. After that time you will receive a fine of $20 per week late to go towards the food at the draft.

Cooney weighs in with charge those that use Paypal the extra fee and include a reasonable late fee such as 20/wk. I hope all the issues are this simple!
I agree but maybe the fine should only be $10 a week??
Why should we have a fine that people like? Keep in mind, it only applies if someone is grossly negligent in paying, I mean, you have like 60 days….I am open to any amount though…
I'd vote no a fine. Some of us either occassionally slackers or just need
to find a way to come up with the money.
I'd vote to charge to pass the cost for Paypal on to those who use it.
You have 365 days + 60 days leeway = 425 days.
That's about 75 cents a day.
maybe a $1.50 a day for you since you just can't seem to sit still for mor than a couple days.....
Make it a Ben Franklin !!!
FTLOG...there should be no reason not to pay on time - I did it from effing Baghdad...
Being one of the late ones I propose a penalty of any sort. Stop me before I slack again!
What is FTLOG? Am I dense?
I vote for B on the first matter or we find another service that dosen't charge for basic transactions.

On point 2 $20 a week seems reasonable.
Agree that people who use paypal should pay and not rest of league. Another idea is to have a fallback that if there are teams who don't make the minimums, they will pay paypal fees for league. If everyone makes minimums then only users pay.

Finally, notice that our Commish, violated one of his own rules and responded with a direct opinion of Mudhens suggestion?
Not true. I didn't respond negatively to the Mudhens post, I merely asked the question. No violation.

Second, it seems that the league is mostly in favor of having those who use paypal be charged the fee (this is because it accepts credit cards).

Would it be ok to put this issue to bed with the following: In the event you use Paypal as a way to pay your fees, you must add in 2.9% + .50? Also, let's just say for every week you are late $20 gets put into the party fund for the next year's draft.
If I'm not mistaken FTLOG is For The Love Of God!
PayPal payers to pay the fees. $20/wk makes sense.
Raj wins the prize...FTLOG
Again, I offered up the Paypal thing...seemed like a good option at the time as the mail wasn't getting outa here very well - I have started all of these issues...I feel the only thing left for to do is to quit the league. I am truly sorry for causing so much grief in the league. I wish you all well.
Things will run a lot smoother now, and Doug can stop plotting with the Awobs to get me kicked out...
Peace - (did I mention I was on brownies ?)
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