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Friday, December 17, 2004

#2 August trade deadline

This season brought some ill will as a result of the Low Life/Islander deal that took place on the 23rd hour of the last day of trading. The reason there was ill will, is because at least 4 other teams said they had reached out to the Low Life in an attempt to negotiate a deal for some of those players. Should we amend the way we deal with August trades, or even trades in general?

I would propose one of the following (feel free to amend or discuss):

1) I would like to see the trade deadline on unsigned players (meaning free agents after the season) moved to July 31st. After July 31st, maybe we could put a player on waivers or something like they do in real baseball.

2) All other players could continue to be traded until 8/31.

This would allow teams in contention to react to big superstar deals.

3) I think players over a certain dinero in salary should be posted as available before they can be dealt, and that if a team gets an inquiry about the player, he must respond.

I’m sure I have more thoughts on this, but I have forgotten some of them. Again, be positive….Thanks.

Update 1/6/2005

We have decided to have teams post players they are willing to trade. Most people feel like players should be posted a minimum of 5-7 days. Now we need to figure out if there are any players that don’t need to be posted. I would propose Minor Leaguers don’t need to be posted. Are there any others? Also, this only will apply during the season. Should we say, only Post All Star Break? Also, where are these players going to be posted? Via email? Website?

Update 1/10/2005

The trade deadline will remain the way it is….NO CHANGE…

If teams were forced to post players they wanted to trade in the month of August on the web site for a specified period of time (1 week) before trading them, the league would be alerted to the fact that those players were available. Then other teams could email offers.

The only problem I see with this is: what would prevent teams from posting everybody, thus diluting the effect. Maybe a 5 dinero transaction fee would be charged for posting each player. Also it seems that only “impact” players need to be posted.

Proposal 4) Impact players (defined as salary over 30 dinero) traded in August must be posted on the web site for a minimum of 7 days before being traded. Postings cost 5 dinero for each player. Posting last until the end of August.
I would amend the 4 option to read that players over 30 dinero OR with a RC over 6 OR ERA under 4.
Boooo! Just leave it like it is.
I agree in principal but think the posting length should be reduced to 3 or 4 days.
I like the idea of a posting of all players an owner is considering trading. Sort of a waiver wire. If a player is not posted on the list for the week prior to a proposed trade he can not be traded. This would be similar to MLB waivers in which a player must pass through the teams to get to the better teams. After that an owner can trade with any one he damn well chooses.
I think defining impact by dinero could lead to troubles. Pujols two years ago at 5 would not have been defined as such.
How about a challenge and then league vote? Anyone could challenge a trade. Then it is up to league vote. Say 9 people would have to vote to overturn the trade. That way, everyone except for the 2 teams involved and one additional person would have to be outraged enough to veto. The challenge has to be made within 24 hours of the trade announcement. Everyone has to vote within two days of the challenge. If you don't vote, your vote is cast in favor of the trade. We could also have a $50 fee for challenging a trade. If the trade is overturned you get your money back.
Not to keen to see challanges by other teams allowed. A team might use the process for short term competitive advantage even if they thought the trade was legit. Sort of like litigating for profit just in case it works.
I vote for implementing a waiver wire with a 5-day period for teams to take action.
I don't see how someone could game the system with a challenge system if the vote had to be 100% except for the players involved in the trade.
We could mirror MLB waivers with a "one-time-only post process" for signed players we desire to trade.

The post would be made from end of games Monday evening to start of games Tuesday and expire Saturday evening. Therefore other teams would have 5-days to negotiate a trade for a signed player. The time factor is mean't to create urgency. The limitation is if after 5-days you haven't traded the player, he cannot be traded until after the season.

If a trade were worked out, it would have to be announced with 2 days for other teams to react with a better offer. It would be up to the teams to decide but the publicity would be good for people doing their homework.

The maximum time from initial post to trade is one week however, a trade could be finalized in as little as 2 days (Thursday evening) if the trade were announced right away after the player was posted on Tuesday.
Does anyone like the idea of changing the trade deadline to July 31st for all free agent to be players? Then starting August 1st we implement one of the scenarios listed above? I currently would be in favor of a waiver process of sorts, where you would have to post any "impact" player (we would have to define impact), before he could be traded.
Think Free-Agent-To-Be would be confusing in that many teams have team options so you could have a situation where a team knows they don't want to renew a 6th year of a 6-year contract at the end of 5th year. Could say "in the last year of a contract" but would rather keep it simplier and make rule based on BU not MLB.

August 31 for players on last year of BU contract or BU Free Agents. July 31 for others and month of August with the "posting proposal" mentioned above.
Definitely NOT in favor of challenges. It would create horrible animosity and even then, there would have to be guidelines for the reasons that could be used to overturn a transaction. I really think this would create more headaches than it would be worth.

Putting key players on waivers or creating a public announcement of late season trades is interesting but I kind of prefer the current rules. I do not think we should ever FORCE teams to negotiate with each other. It should always be in the best interest of a team to negotiate with all potential parties before dealing a player but I do not believe a team should effectively have to do so.
With all due respect to the Awobs, I hate the idea of posting players. Sounds like something Kerry would propose for people that want jobs or something...
What's to say I don't just put my entire team up - come on...keep it the same - it's what makes this league fun!
I wouldn't mind a 7/31 trade deadline - period.
Ok...is anybody out there in blogger-land? My understanding is the league trading deadline will stay at Sept 1st and the issue on the tabled is whether to impose anything effective the month of August? The ideas have ranged from
1. Do nothing
2. Aug 1 for moving signed players (balance Sept 1)
3. Aug 1 - Sept 1 any signed players would need to be posted for 48 hours (or some other time period) before trading.

The issue on item 3 could extend to only applying to signed "impact" players however who in their right mind could ever define "impact" as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Therefore I start the blogging with my 3 options. Banter-away on these or other ideas I might have missed.
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