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Friday, December 17, 2004

#5 Player Quits

It certainly doesn’t happen very often, but this past season Raul Mondesi “retired” only to come back and play for the Angels. What happens to his rights? I ruled that a players rights are maintained by the BU team until he does something baseball related again. If he goes to the AL, Japan, etc, you lose him. If he resurfaces with another NL team, you get him. This could apply to waived players as well (on real teams).

A) is this ok with you?

B) Screw that, you lose him right away

Commissioner Bob

Update 1/10/2005

If a player “retires” for a minute, and resurfaces with a NL team, you maintain rights to the player. You will have NO rights if in the process of him “retiring” he plays in any other league (Foreign, AL, Junior, whatever). If he is signed and he is not on a NL team at draft day you will lose him, even if he resurfaces after the draft. Since you didn’t pay him at the draft, you have NO rights.

The vote was 7-4 with no vote from Huge.

I agree with A. If he turns back up, you get him.
I thought we decided at last draft (or the year before) that a player has to be under contract with an NL team or a minor league affiliate in order to be on a BU roster.
I believe Mondesi said he quit but still remained under contract with the NL team for a while. The NL team did that so that if Mondesi changes his mind they still have him. Once the team severed his contract, he was affectively a free agent.
We should follow the same logic.
I thought we ruled on this a few years ago. A player is realesed if he is not on a NL roster during the season, which means Mondesi would be released from BU.
This is not how it has been working. For instance Jeffrey Hammonds was in limbo land last year after SF bought out his contract. Then this offseason he surfaces in the Nationals minor league camp. His contract for 2005 is still valid.
As long as player is not under contract in the NL you lose the rights to him.
If jeffrey hammonds actually occured the way you say then he shouldn't be on the BU roster.
Agree that status on draft day is key determination and if player subsequently comes out of retirement, he is not on a BU team. On draft day, whether player is being paid by NL team should determine his status.
Whoa, Whoa.....I think we are getting the issues confused. The rules that are in place from the end of baseball to draft day are VERY clear. It doesn't matter if a player is under a contract or not, all that matters is where he is on DRAFT DAY. So, Jeffry Hammonds IS and Islander unless he isn't in camp come draft day. THis issue was in regards to a player who quits DURING the season, and what to do. I think that if he quit while on your team, and comes back at any point during the season to an NL team (without hitting the AL first), you should get him. Thoughts?
Agree (unless he has played on a non-NL professional league) player should be back on team at previous salary and contract length.
Agree with A
This issue still hasn’t been resolved. I need to hear from Humungous, Wobblies, and Islanders. The vote is very close at 5-4. This would only apply to a player who quits to get out of his current situation, not one who is cut or waived because he is bad.
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