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Friday, December 17, 2004

#7 Process for picking up players

Last year, Humungous goes to a game with the SF cluster of BU. He tells everyone there he is picking up Mitre of the Cubs. He tells me as well, but I neglect to email it out for him. In the meantime, the Awobs send out an email saying they want Mitre. Since John had many witnesses, I ruled he got him. The current system for picking a guy up is that you can email, or tell the Commissioner (me). Should this be changed to:

A) Email only

B) Leave it the way it is, as the ruling was correct

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I do know that email only isn’t practical. I think the word needs to get to Cooney or myself, and then our word is trusted. More than likely, I can send the email, but in the above situation, I forgot.

Commissioner Bob

Update 1/6/2005

The league has spoken, and we have decided to LEAVE THE SYSTEM AS IS. What “is” it, you ask?

Article V - Transaction Deadline
All transactions must be reported by 1 hour before the first pitch of the first game on Tuesday. All transactions need to be verified, either by email or a voice mail. The time of the transaction should be noted. In the event you are away from email, it is up to you to find someone to email your transaction as this has become the “official” timestamp.

In the event, I am the one you happened to call, most of the time, I can alert the league via email….

Email only is not practical. That's why we have cell phones to call Mike or Bob as an option. The ruling was correct-- leave it as is.
B - leave it the way it is.
I vote we have free agent pick-ups on the website and whoever selects the player first on the web gets him.
I'm waiting for someone to tell me what a "cluster in SF" actually means???
This WILL NOT work!!!! Not everyone has access to their computers 24/7. I know from my own life, that there are times I can’t sit at my computer for days. I can almost always email though….
the reason you almost always have email is that you can get email through your phone. Most people can't so for them email=computer=can be on the website
Damn - Stosh, you really have a good way of lookin at this shit...
Bob - change all my votes to what Stosh says...
If you can email, you can web dude...

Stosh is a BU God...

and I'm stoned on brownies
Trust the commish. If he says it happened, then, by God, it happened. Plus, thanks for saving me from Sergio Mitre.
Ty - bring some of those brownies to the draft dude!
I would like to see one forum such as email or the website as the official record of the transaction. In this way there would be a time stamp on the trade in case of disputes. Another benefit is the disclosure of the transaction to all teams at the same time. You would know if someone is available or not. Nobody would have "inside" info.

It doesn't seem that hard to call another team with email access to act as their proxy and send an email. It removes all doubt about transaction priority.

In general I don't mind strict but fair rules that maybe raise the bar for compliance, but remove discretion and gray areas from any supreme ruler, even our own fair and equitable Commissioner.
Leave it the way it is right now.
Leave it alone with caveat there needs to be one additional witness.

Therefore if you are at a game with Huge and he starts babbling about how his "system" has turned into a "covenant" and you want to pick up Rick Ankiel so you can do yourself, the only way that would work is if you phoned another team in the league and informed them of your decision.
This would be fine with me. We should leave it the way it is, but if you need to pick up a player via cell phone, you need to tell either Mike or myself, and ONE other team. Then, it needs to be emailed out ASAP to provide the time stamp.
I say email only! Whoever doesn't have one at the ready need only call another BU member to email on his behalf. Emails provide a timestamp and do away with all uncertainty. I had an experience once where I emailed in an FA choice but was told later that someone else had phoned it in first (no record of it, no timestamp) -- I trust this was handled honestly but it left me wondering a bit AND it made me "show my hand" (I know, meaningless as that might be from me but at the margin, you don't want to be out there broadcasting that you're looking for players unless you can be assured of getting them).
Oh come on guys - let's leave it the way it is.
This is a classic example of "if it ain't broke, leave it the fuck alone".
What ever happened to the good ol days when we could sit at a game and make a trade with the dickhead sittin next to us ? Leave it alone - I might not have email access here in Baghdad and I might just want to call the commish to pick up a FA that somebody just traded to the dickhead sittin next to him cuz he thought the FA was available...did I mention I was on brownies ?
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