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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Off His Beane?

Is he mad? Kendall? Hudson!? Now Mulder? I did like the Ginter trade though.

No Beane is crazy like a fox. He got Cruz, Dan Haren (24 year old starter who looked good in Sept - 1.77 ERA in 20+ with good command - good #3 starter-type), Daric Barton (the Cards #1 prospect) who hit .313 with 13 home runs and 66bb/48k at Low-A Midwest League and is only 19, and Dan Meyer who was the Braves #1 draft pick in 2002 and has a career 2.77 minor league ERA with 88bb/381k in 340 IP. Not overpowering, but very good command - another #3 starter-type. Plus Charles Thomas who played well last year for Atl. They A's may struggle in 05, but these trades could look very good in 06, especially if there was no way the A's were going to be able to sign either Hudson or Mulder.
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