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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Signed BU player leaves NL and returns to NL in one off-season

Now we need to decide what to do with players who go to the AL at some point in the offseason, only to return to the NL prior to the draft. Seeing as they haven’t played for the AL team, I would be in favor of the BU team who lost him for a minute, having the “right” to reclaim him at his old contract and salary. This would be optional, but the intention of the BU team would need to be reported within 5 (negotiable) days of him coming to back to the NL, or it would be assumed you no longer want him. SO we need to vote:

A) The offseason paragraph is fine with me

B) The offfseason paragraph blows

C) I would vote for the offseason proposal, but I would like to amend it slightly.

Option A sounds good.
Option A sounds good to me.

I still firmly believe that we need to establish one source as the "official" source for trade info. Whatever that site writes regarding the transaction would be what we go with. Without this, we still might have problems with what is a "Net" trade versus two separate trades.
Vote for C:
No option on taking back a player. If the player is in the NL on draft day, then he reverts to his old team.

1. This rule would apply to very few players (can't think of any examples in history of BU)
2. Our rules are already stacked in BU owners favor regarding long term contracts, no need to make it even more favorable.
3. The idea that teams could make trades based on a player being gone, only to get him back, thereby blowing the budget or plan sounds extremely unlikely. Let's deal in stuff that has actually happened not planets aligning, feng-shui, million-to-one co-incidences!
Shagger has just returned from our great nation's capitol in time to say Choice A is just fine. How many more days until the draft?
It doesn't matter if the trades were two separate trades so long as they meet the criteria to be considered a net trade. Those criteria are: 1) The player can't play in an AL game, and 2) the trades must be completed and reported in one fell swoop or on the same day. Otherwise, it is two separate deals.
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