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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Trading For The Future

I decided to break out part of Bob's comment and start a new post.

What is the leagues opinion about early (or late for that matter) dumping of stars in an attempt to win next year? Is it something we as a league should encourage or discourage? What kind of effects does it have on the present year's pennant race?

Some historical perspective on the volatility of BU pennant races would be useful here. What was the largest distance in games behind an eventual BU Champ overcame? I seem to recall the DooRights being in last place at the All-Star break and finishing second several years ago. Is that accurate or do I just have nightmares all the time about the DR roaring back to overtake me?

In general I think BU is much more volatile than MLB in that you can make up more ground quicker.

I see nothing wrong with unlimited dumping of stars to spruce up next year's team, to wit my email on this very topic from this past season and the accompanying can opener.
I don't think we as a league should encourage dumping by in effect giving lottery tickets (by making cheap signed guys more valuable with the off season compensation rules being discussed) to those who dump their teams.

I understand why teams do it and it happens in MLB, but I think we go way overboard, giving up too early and completely. In MLB there would be fan uproar and boycott if an MLB team did what some of our teams have done. It's disruptive to the present year's pennant race and league will be weaker if only 4 or 5 teams fight it out each year.

If anything, I think we should encourage more participation by ALL teams by spreading the money out in some way. Maybe having small monetary rewards for the best month or even week. More participation leads to more interest which leads to a stronger, more cohesive league. I will not sit here and let you trash the American Way Of Life! Blow Job, Eat Me (Oops, Animal House flashback...)
Are we voting on something here ???
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