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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Any Other Issues?

Can we identify any impending identify threats to BU tranquility? I have a couple of suggestions (what a surprise!).

1. Early tanking. It's a threat to the integrity of BU. There is no check of fan disapproval and attendance cratering such as in MLB. A BU team can tank with impunity. Didn't several teams tank before the All Star break recently. Early tanking means that the scramble to pry talent out of the lesser teams ends up having an enormous effect on the penant race. This rewards personal skills and phone time unjustly. Not all of us have the time to be in constant contact with others. Shouldn't the Draft and FA Process count for relatively more? Early tanking leads to less aggregate interest in BU and weakens the cohesion.

I think we should do more to counteract early tanking. In this vein I would not encourage more long term signings by making it even more favorable to the BU owner. Perhaps I would spread the money around a little, maybe have monthly payouts. I don't think penalizing the also rans makes sense. We should be a league of rewards, not punishments.

2. Parity. Is there enough? Again, lack of parity leads to disinterest and weakens cohesion.

3. Complexity and bureacracy. The constitution is reading a little ragged. Shouldn't we try to keep it simple and not fix every potential , slim probability issue with heaps of arcane rules? Life is too complicated as it is.

4. Personal conflicts. How do we promote league comity?

I can't think of any more, but am willing to add your suggestions.

I like the idea of trying to keep teams involved as long as possible. Not sure about a monthly payout - but I might be in favor of extending winning to 5th place - but still think the bulk of the winnings should go to - well - the winner.

"how do we promote league commity?"

Coo what are you talking about? I love you guys! But if you think it would help, I'd be more than willing to get naked in the back of a van with Stosh and Huge, sit naked in a hot tub with you and other naked chicks, share a spleef with any of you guys, and even tell Huge this fictitious horror story I heard about something called the American League and the DH.
1. With Stosh setting the pace I am not sure we can do anyting about being in the tank early at the draft. Sorry.

2. Party? Sure

3.Complexity and bureaucracy? I agree. It seems we just keep making more rules. This all began when Rob "Why can't I sign a minor leaguer for 10 years" Gordon joined the league. Huge, how did you let all this regulation seep in?

4. Personal Conflicts? Fuck you Cooney!
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