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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Baseball Unlimited: #2 August trade deadline

Ok...is anybody out there in blogger-land? My understanding is the league trading deadline will stay at Sept 1st and the issue on the tabled is whether to impose anything effective the month of August? The ideas have ranged from
1. Do nothing
2. Aug 1 for moving signed players (balance Sept 1)
3. Aug 1 - Sept 1 any signed players would need to be posted for 48 hours (or some other time period) before trading.

The issue on item 3 could extend to only applying to signed 'impact' players however who in their right mind could ever define 'impact' as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Therefore I start the blogging with my 3 options. Banter-away on these or other ideas I might have missed.
# posted by Doorights : 7:06 PM "

I would suggest two things to make this idea palatable. First, have it only apply to UNSIGNED players. Second, have it only be in the month of August and for 48 hours.
I think it should only apply to unsigned players. To me the point is to force the marketing of unsigned players when a team gives up.
That way teams wouldn't be left out when a team decides to give up and they are not in immediate contact with the team quitting. PErhaps the best solution, given that this is something that many of us feel is a problem, is that we all just make an agreement to notify the league when making these trades. Then if a team does not make notify we can just hate him.
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