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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Summary of Trade Deadline Issue

Trade Deadline to remain the same; 8/31.

The main issue of contention seems to boil down to whether to have a waiver or posting process in the month of August.

Several teams have commented to leave the rule alone. The issue of a trade going down that all were not aware of is not that big a deal. Become aware, in other words, reach out to all teams in the league with trade entreaties. After all, it is not hard to predict which teams may be trading guys. If a BU team doesn't respond, they are only hurting themselves. You can't put a gun to their head to trade with you. A posting process won't change that. They can still post their players and not trade with you. It is in a BU teams best interest to get the most out of guys. Can't we rely on the "invisible hand" of self-interest to rectify any so-called "problem".

Other teams like mimicking the waiver process in MLB. Players traded in the month of August have to clear waivers or be posted for a short period of time. There might be a fee to post players. Only "impact" players must be posted perhaps. In such a manner, all teams will know beforehand that an "impact" player could be changing hands. BU teams can't wait to the last moment, and then just take what they can get. A BU team has to be proactive in order to comply with the rules. Perhaps there will be less trading because of this, but it will reward those that plan ahead and give a darn even though thay may be out of the present year's pennant race.

What do you say BU land? Is the fixing the "problem" worth the added complexity and bureacracy? Let's have a recount on where BU teams fall on the post/no-post issue.

Post: 0
No Post: 2

Ok, I'll go first. Leave it alone. Vote for NO POST and simplicity etc.
Leave it alone, No Post.
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