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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Thread 2A: Trade Deadline Change

I proposed that we move the trade deadline on players not under BU contract at the end of the current season to 7/31, and have the trade deadline for signed players remain 8/31. Here is the sentiment so far:

For: Ramrods, Lowlife, Doorights
Against: Wobblies, Shaggers

Not Responded: Awobs, Bambinos, Humungous, Islanders, Mudhens, Rajmaballs, Stiefels

We have already decided that a posting mechanism will be in play next year. I think moving the deadline would cut down on teams not being able to react if they are in the hunt when unsigned players are moved late in the year for a signed reliever.

Update 1/10/2005

The trade deadline will remain the way it is….NO CHANGE…

Isn't this going to make it hard to trade players? If only signed players can be traded what am I going to do with my 60 dinero Todd Helton if I don't trade him by 7/31, but then my team falters and I want to trade him later. Won't this rule encourage teams to call it quits earlier. That is something I would think nobody wants.

61 bid Helton.

Agree w/ Shagger. Don't like moving the deadline at all. I think the posting solution should aleviate the problem of players being traded without being marketed.
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