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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tenth Thread Franchise Player Tag(s)

I think we should come up with a system to help protect the guy who tried to better his team by sacrificing his team during the last season, only to see the fruits of his efforts traded to the AL without any sort of compensation. I would like to propose a Franchise Tag system whereby a team can tag certain players as their “cornerstones” and if he is traded in the offseason, the team who lost the player would get the guy who came over.

I would be open to ANY sort of compromise on this idea from limiting it to teams out of the money spots to all teams. I would also be open to having bottom four teams able to claim 2 or more players, while others only have access to 1. Let’s discuss some ideas to make this fair.

Only Four teams have said this is a bad idea, with the rest either not having responded or for some sort of resolution as they agree it is a problem. Please don’t just shoot this down. This IS a problem, and by limiting it to only a couple of guys, we could cut down on inequities that people might be afraid of occurring. For example, I highly doubt that if Low Life had Bottenfield signed a few years back, he would have made him his franchise guy, thereby getting Edmonds (I realize that happened post draft and isn’t relevant, but we drafted early that year). This would more than likely be limited to teams losing Miguel Cabrera, Phil Nevin, Criag Wilson, Chris Carpenter, Todd Walker, Corey Patterson, Morgan Ensberg, Armando Benitez (almost happened by the way—how bad would that trade have been then?), Carlos Zambrano, Johnny Estrada, David Wright, or Marcus Giles of the world…..

Thread 2A: Trade Deadline Change

I proposed that we move the trade deadline on players not under BU contract at the end of the current season to 7/31, and have the trade deadline for signed players remain 8/31. Here is the sentiment so far:

For: Ramrods, Lowlife, Doorights
Against: Wobblies, Shaggers

Not Responded: Awobs, Bambinos, Humungous, Islanders, Mudhens, Rajmaballs, Stiefels

We have already decided that a posting mechanism will be in play next year. I think moving the deadline would cut down on teams not being able to react if they are in the hunt when unsigned players are moved late in the year for a signed reliever.

Update 1/10/2005

The trade deadline will remain the way it is….NO CHANGE…

Monday, January 03, 2005

Radical Idea

M. Cooney and I were debating a few BU issues the
other day and agreed that the following proposal
merited consideration: How about we keep the AL stats
of any player traded to the AL during the season --
Can still only draft NL players. This would eliminate mid-season lopsided trades and other problems. Would still have to work out what to do for off-season AL-NL trades but could conceivably do the same thing (i.e. allow their AL stats).


This is done in many other leagues. I'm not sure of the ramifications, but due to the AL/NL games that now happen every year, I'm not sure it is that big of a deal. Would it be hard to track? What would happen to the new player to the NL? Would he be available to be bid on, or would the team losing the guy to the AL, have some kind of rights? Or, would any new players to the NL through a trade be unavailable? RAMRODS

True story:

I was riding public transit last year and I struck up a conversation with a fellow "Save the Planeter". We touched on all the small talk classics; the weather, politics, religion, Paris Hilton and then finally arrived at sports. He was from Los Angeles and mentioned that he was an Angels fan. I squirmed a little fearing that he might ask me if I knew some of the players. How could I, I'm a national league only guy my mind working spastically. The Angels...they play in the Pacific Coast League with the San Francisco Seals, Oakland Oaks and Sacramento Solons...right? He finally said, "well, maybe we will catch lightning in a bottle by picking up Mondesi." "You mean Raul Mondesi who has been out for the past three seasons," said I. The guy came unglued and almost laughed me off the train. "Raul has been with Toronto and New York prior to this year." Sensing a chance to come across as knowledgable I offered, "I didn't even know he could skate and I definitely didn't know he ever played for the Mets." "The Yankees you idiot." I sat there perplexed. I knew the Yankees from the movies and musicals growing up. The movies always had players with colorful names like Babe and Mickey and Yogi, but this was all fictional, right? Hell, even a guy named Billy Chapel pitched a perfect game against them. Supposed to be an incredible moment, but it's all Hollywood right? I mean they didn't really exist did they? Am I to believe that George Costanza really worked for this team? Maybe this guy just got out of the funny farm or something. Come to think of it, he had a Nader for president button on. Raul Mondesi is someone that I had known about in the past but really only as a Dodger and then inexplicably, around the spring of 2000, he seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. I looked at the guy and tried to figure out if he was kidding. Raul Mondesi either retired or fell into a black hole back in 2000. As far as I know, he moved back to some remote island. "I was aware of a comeback with the Pirates, but did not realize he was playing organized baseball prior to the 2004 season." The guy gave me a weary look. Then he said, "well it looks like Houston is going to win the Central now that they have Beltran." "Who's that," I said. "You've never heard of Carlos Beltran? He came over from the Kansas City Monarchs (I can't remember the team he referred to). Big power, big stud." "Well I did notice a new player over there, but I thought he dropped out of the sky. I look at a lot of prospects, but this guy slipped underneath my radar." Dumbfounded, the guy picked up his book (Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell) and disappeared. I was left with my thoughts twisting and struggling as I poured over the conversation. Most of the references were obscure and inane at best. Was there some parallel universe somewhere that employed players with big league credentials? And what are all the references to the American League? Don't get me wrong, I'm for integration, but I really am lost. Can someone help me? HUGE

I'm with Huge. I played a baseball trivia game with the Awobs over Christmas and I'm not playing again until they come up with an NL only version. STOSH

When I first joined BU I was regaled with tales of the junior circuit but assured that the fellow owners have been, are and will always be NL elitiest snobs. I thought one of the most fundamental core tenets in BU was when a player goes to that other league, they become dirt and when the come from that other league, they are welcomed as finally becoming true major leagers.

It is ok to have radical ideas however this is one that, like Huge I don't support. In fact, it is probably the only time I would vote against something that is more fair and more logical than the current system. I am and forever will be an NL elitiest snob and won't even recognize that other league until they 1) abolish the DH rule (where old NL players or players not good enough for the NL live productively); 2) stop playing Mickey Mouse ball and 3) start playing real baseball.DOORIGHTS

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