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Monday, December 19, 2005

Constitution rewrite

Does anyone want to take a crack at updating the constitution? They should be Thomas Jefferson/John Adams types with a gift for language and superior reasoning skills. They should be well versed in history, preferably possessing a degree of higher learning in said subject. They should have the time to devote to such a collossal undertaking so full time jobs are right out. They should live in the great state of Michigan for no particular reason. Anyone?

Insurance against off season player loss

League determines "under market value" of signed players between the season's end and the World Series. Players are grouped into 3 tiers; 30, 20, and 10 dinero, representing the difference between their signed contract and their "fair market value". If a BU team loses one of these players to the AL through either a trade or a FA signing, the BU team would receive additional draft dinero equal to their tier level (30,20, or 10 dinero). BU team would be charged this additional dinero.

Presently I estimate the following "values":

Tier 30 players: Carpenter, Wright, Bay
Tier 20 players: Harang
Tier 10 players: Berkman, Patterson, Duke, Cain, Myers, Howard

One could argue that rookies should be exempt due to the volatility in determining value eliminating Duke, Cain, and Howard from the list.

Beltre last year would have been a 20 or 30.

There is something to be said to balancing the above with a tax of 5 dinero or so on teams losing overvalued guys from BU.

More than 5 overvalued: Lowell, Morris, Garciaparra, Padilla, Closser, Sledge, Rolen, Grieve.

A first pass at slotting players by value could be made a small committee before being submitted to review by the league. Players value could be confirmed by vote.

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