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Monday, January 02, 2006

Spring Training Games

I suggest the following schedules of games:

Thurs: Cubs at Angels 1:05, Rockies at Padres 7:05
Fri: Cubs at Giants 1:05 ($20 on the Cubs against the first Giant fan to respond)
Sat: Brewers at Padres or Seattle at Giants 1:05
Sun: Rangers at Cubs 1:05 or Brewers at Giants

I am not sure what teams want to do on Saturday. I know there was some talk last year of skipping the game to start the draft earlier. Tickets for the Cubs go on sale 1/5 and the Giants 1/10. If we get a quick count I will buy tix for the Friday Cubs-Giants game and Sunday Cubs-Rangers. If there will be SF teams still in town for the Sunday games I would be willing to suffer through another Giants game just to spend more time with the fellas.

i will be there Thursday, Friday, Saturday. No Sunday game for me as I will be leaving early.
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